What's New
  • (2003-12-08) L10NZilla project announced with first alpha version.
Other Stuff
  • Project Owners :
  • - Eduardo Trápani  (eo-EO)
  • - Dewi Jones (cy-GB)

Welcome to the L10NZilla project pages on

L10NZilla is a combination of an MySQL database containing translations from Mozilla applications' localisations with a PHP based front end for translating and editing texts and a Java command line program for auto translation and generation of new JAR files for inclusion in language packs.

L10NZilla supports :
- archiving translations from multiple applications/versions of any Mozilla based applications
- grading quality of translations
- generating translated JAR files  (based on look up from any previous archived translations translation quality)
- multiple translators (via login and associating translators to translations)
- multiple languages
- supports UTF-8.
- php-l10nzilla can be adapted to support any language specific transliterations - e.g. sx = ŝ
- keeps statistics about translations
- makes possible translation with ordinary Unicode Text Editor.
- logs auto translations of JAR files as HTML.

The l10nzilla project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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