L10NZilla started from a previous Mozilla localisation project called MozillaTranslatorTranslator which was written by Dewi Jones so that he was partly able to produce Welsh language packs for each new release of Mozilla without having to use MozillaTranslator. Nothing wrong with it,  but his computer was too small to be archive and load all released into  its tiny memory and for even the GUI to load, hence the adoption of a command line approach with a mysql database backend.

For a number of months/years Welsh Mozilla was translated by editing in various Unicode/UFT-8 text editors all the DTD and properties files noted by MTT as needing translation and by using the command line tool to produce new language packs and archive/update those new translations..

Eduardo Trapani then came along with the excellent news that he had developed an initial php front end for the MozillaTranslatorTranslator database. Both got involved in improvinng the both the Java and the php codes further with the development going through many iterations and database redesigns and enhancements.

To release the new code it was thought that a new name, catchier/less of a mouthful than MozillaTranslatorTranslator should be used so hence "L10NZilla".

l10nzilla architecture
As stated already, the architecture of l10nzilla is that it has a mysql database back end. Both the Java and the php l10nzilla are able to use this database on their own.

There are no interactions or procedure calls between java and php l10nzilla (yet) so none totally depend on each otherto work. Of course php-l10nzilla needs to have had the database created and translations archived by Java-l10nzilla to be able to have something to translate.

Java l10nzilla can still be used with only Unicode text editors to translate Mozilla and other XUL based applications. See "How To Translate Mozilla with L10NZilla" at the bottom of the Java Usage L10NZilla pages.

The l10nzilla project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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