To install l10nzilla you need to first download and from the following directory

Unzip into your Apache htdocs subdirectory (or whereever else your websites are kept on your host), and unzip l10nzilla-java.php into it's own subdirectory e.g. in Windows to C:\l10nzilla.


Follow the directions in the "Sort your database .." section in the java-usage page.

You may want to before moving on to installing the php-l10nzilla archive any translations into the database so that there's some content in there to begin with.

Before you point your browser to the URL for the l10nzilla php homepage, make sure first that the values given in the file preferences.class correspond to your MySQL setup and language. In particular, make sure that the database name and language code used are the same as what you had in the file for Java l10nzilla.

When in place, you are then able to login into l10nzilla login page with the username you gave in Java file e.g. admin , with the password being the same as the username.

N.B.  if you're installing l10nzilla into a Windows environment, make sure that in the Windows extensions section of your php.ini file that the following line is uncommented :


and that you have php_gettext.dll in your php installation's extensions sub-directory.

The l10nzilla project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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